Welding Cables

Welding cables are extremely flexible, with a high number of very fine strands made of bare annealed copper wire or Aluminium wire class 5 or class 6. Welding cables retain their flexibility at very low temperatures and withstand high temperatures. You can use welding cables on circuits up to 600 volts.
We bring to clients a comprehensive range of Welding Cables that include electrical and electromechanical welding cables. These Welding Cables are manufactured using Premium grade Aluminium Welding Cable various electrometric materials. The Insulation of these cables are done by a flame retardant HOFR Material, We offer Welding Cables in accordance to the CE specifications and International parameters.

Manufacturing Range: Our Range starts from Single core 16 Sqmm to 95 Sqmm in Orange and Black.

Standards: Cables are Mfg. as Per: IS: 9857/90, BS638 Part 4.

Salient Features:
The cable features tinned annealed flexible copper conductors, ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulated, Chlorosulphunated Rubber (CSP), Polychloroprene Rubber (PCP) outer sheath. Black colour Heat, Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant (HOFR).

  • High Current Carrying Capacity.
  • Low Conductor Resistance.
  • High Insulation Resistance.
  • Good Mechanical properties.


  • Used for Continuous and Intermediate welding.