House wire and Service wire

House Wire- House wiring consists of an electrical wiring system that distributes energy to be used in equipment and appliances around the house.
We mfg. House wire with electrolytic grade, multistranded annealed copper, PVC Insulated electrical wire, fire Retardant which has High Insulation resistance, It offers great flexibility making it Ideal for Conducting Wiring.

Manufacturing Range: Our Range starts from Single core 0.5 Sqmm to 10 Sqmm in multiple colours like Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green. We also Supply Multicore Flexible Cables.

Standards: Cables are Mfg. and supplied as Per IS 694:2010.

Salient Features:

  • Better flexibility for easy wiring.
  • 99.97% pure copper.
  • High Current carrying capacity.
  • Flame Retardant.
  • Low Conductor Resistance.
  • High Ageing property.


  • Preferred for areas that require superior safety such as hotels, theatres, hospitals, railway stations, high rise buildings and chemical industries.
  • Industrial Panel Wiring.
  • House Hold and Domestic Purpose.