Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer

Single Phase Static Voltage Regulator assures seamless operation of electronic machines by providing purest power through continuous pulse width modulation (PWM) switching of a buck-boost transformer using a convertor engine.
The high frequency Insulated gate bi-polar transistor (IGBT) driven converter engine takes the incoming ac power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage 20,000 times per second, to achieve real-time compensation of
voltage disturbances, sag or swell. All this is achieved within 20 milliseconds through seamless PWM compensation of voltage
so that all voltage disturbances are corrected within ITIC curve for flawless operation of electronics.

Manufacturing Range:

  • Minimum Input Voltage from 184 V To Maximum Input Voltage 276 V.
  • Minimum Mfg. Capacity from 2 kVA To Maximum Mfg Capacity 15 kVA.

Standards: Designed to meet UL 60950-I standards, Protection class IP 20.

Salient Features:

  • Since the VRP technology controls any sag or swell cycle within 20 milliseconds, it is the ideal voltage conditioner for your sensitive electronic devices.
  • Since the VRP has in-built spike and noise controt it eliminates the need of additional spike & nose filters.
  • Since the VRP does not switch components in the power path, it is compatible with most loads including regenerative loads.
  • AC input circuit breakers prevent costly equipment damage due to load side faults.
  • Automatic bypass circuitry assures fail safe operation.
  • Light weight and compact size makes for ease of installation.
  • Static technology results in quiet operation, high product up-time & low maintenance.
  • High efficiency and energy savings though optimum voltage result in entry efficient operation.
  • Tight control over electronic card failures data corruption and machine breakdowns results in higher produttivity, lower operating costs and greater consumer comfort.


  • CNC Machines and High Precision M/C.
  • Auto & Auto Ancillary.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Textile Spinning, Processing, Knitting, Weaving.
  • Engineering & Process Industry.
  • Wood Cutting.
  • Radar & Telecommunication.
  • R&D, Testing, Diagnostics.
  • Plastic Processing, Printing & Packaging Industry.
  • Security & Surveillance.