Electron Beam Cable

It is the Process of utilizing electron beam cross-linking, for modification and enhancement of polymeric properties. Modification in polymeric structure of materials can be brought about either by conventional chemical means, usually involving silane or per-oxide or by exposure to ionizing radiation from energetic electrons from electron accelerators.

The electron beam processing in wires and cables helps to improve thermal, chemical, barrier, impact wear and other mechanical properties to meet the demanding applications of the customers in wires and cables.

The process of cross-linking in wires and cables with the advantages of increased life, higher temperature withstand capability, higher current carrying capacity, improved physical properties with reduced thicknesses in these cables. Because of being superior in life and performance compared to conventional cables, cross-linked cables have already been adopted in all critical applications such as railways, defense, solar power, wind energy and nuclear power. Even PVC being used in building wires and power cables can be cross-linked with EB technology only. The EB cross-linking technology in PVC building wires and power cables not only increases life and the current carrying capacity to more than double, but also prevents fires due to overload short circuits and thus saves precious lives and property.

MFG Rage: Our Range starts from Single core 0.5 Sqmm to 50 Sqmm and Multi Core 2, 3, 4 core 0.5 Sqmm to 50Sqmm.

Standards: Cables are Mfg. as Per TUV 2PFG 1169.

Salient Features:
The insulation (XLPE) is cross-linked with EB irradiation and is suitable for continuous operation at 120°C. The advantages of
e-beam cross-linked XLPE is evident from increased life (double), temperature rating 120°C vs. 90°C, current carrying capacity about 11 percent more in spite of reducing conductor size smaller by one size.
Some of the Features includes : high di-electric strength, UV and ozone resistance, halogen-free, flame retardancy, oil and chemical resistance, weather, impact, abrasion and crack resistance, good cold flexibility, very long life cycle.

Applications :

  • Solar Projects, Railway, Aircraft, Automobile.