Murali Muthu Pillai
Founder & Managing     Director


We are blessed and are thankful for the blessings in our life’s, we are aware that this blessings demands a great responsibility towards the nation building and mankind that is both safer and reliable by ensuring a better product and development and Services.

Essaki Corporation Started its Journey in 2014, under the guidance of the Founder with 22 years of experience in various Electrical Mfg. and Service Industry, Essaki Corporation is an renowned & trustworthy name in the domain of supplying all kind of Electrical Cables for both Industrial and   Domestic purpose having its stake in Satyam Power Industrial Cable an Fast Growing Company in the field of cable. We have a well-recognized market presence with strong product portfolio, our Design
and technical team has experience and expertise to assist our customer in design
and process control, our commitment to quality is the most integral aspect of Essaki Corporation.

We live for our greater vision of life, in the next phase of our growth our CSR is key focus area. We see our self as a part of the Infrastructure development by our core business we are privileged to be critical part of our nations building process.

Our vision is to build a world class company through reliability and to be a great
place to work.

We thank you for being with us in every step we go ahead...

Murali Muthu Pillai