CRD Trailing Cable

CRD Trailing cables are designed to bear continuous reeling and unreeling. They are made up of sheath material that has a high degree of flex fatigue resistance, excellent heat, and fire-resistant properties. Owing to our vast experience in this field, we are able to supply high quality Trailing Rubber Cables. Made using top quality annealed copper and elastomer compound, rubber cables are very durable and heat resistant. We Supply these cables following modern techniques to obtain the right quality cables.

Manufacturing Range: Our Range starts from Single core 25 Sqmm to 150 Sqmm. This Cables can be Mfg. in Combination of EPR/PCP and EPR/HOFR and many other combinations as per as per the customer Requirement.

Standards: Conforming to IS : 9968 (Pt-1)/1988 ISI MARKED.

Constructional Features:
Multi-Stranded Annealed Electrolytic Tinned Copper Conductor (Flexibility as per Class-5 of IS: 8130/1984), Polyester taped, EPR (Type IE-2 as per IS:6380) insulated, Core identification by colour code insulation up to 5 cores, rest by natural colour insulation with number printing, Such cores laid up together, Extruded HOFR-PCP (Type SE-3 as per IS: 6380) inner sheath, Nylon braid reinforcement, and overall Extruded Heavy Duty-PCP   (Type SE-4 as per IS 6380) with additional HOFR   (Heat, Oil & Flame Retardant) properties outer sheathed, Flexible Round Cable, 1100 Volts (1.1 KV) Grade as per IS: 9968 (Part-1) 1988.

Applications: The Trailing Cable is mainly used for trailing, festooning, mobile machines and EOT Cranes, Stacker Reclaimer, Winding & Rewinding Purpose, Hoists.